All Change Please! All Change!

1st July 2016 My Story, Uncategorized

In the last three months, I have been though many changes, emotionally, physically, financially and even mentally,launching my book, being asked to speak in a variety of settings and even gaining a few summer pounds are all changes that I have had to adjust to.

I am seeing a change in my home, with my youngest daughter starting school, the seasons have changed, the glorious weather we experienced in summer has long gone and X Factor has started so that must mean that as they say in Game of Thrones “Winter is coming”!

The question is though, are we ready for change?

In my professional life in First Class Legacy, we support organisations to change the way in which they engage with young and diverse communities. We train them and prepare them for change by creating effective tools to help them do so.

But for ourselves how do we prepare for change?   When my daughter was starting school, I began to prepare her, by telling her stories about school, I even included her on the school run and began to share the things she would need to do to be ready for school (that included staying in her own bed all night,  which I am still  working on!)

I have been preparing for the last quarter of 2018 by really looking at what goals I am yet to achieve and asking myself some tough questions, I have looked in the mirror and challenged myself to go hard, because I want to make sure the positive changes I have put in place remain there and do not drift off into the distance in all the busyness life can sometimes throw at us.

Change is inevitable…

Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not we need to accept change, and see it as an opportunity to grow, for me the change of our youngest, is not an opportunity to start to get really busy do more things, but rather it gives me the chance to really spend time focusing on the opportunity that this new chapter will give me.


I have some bold audacious goals, that I want, in fact need to achieve in the next five years, in my new role within First Class Legacy as Chief Executive, I want to drive the company in a more strategic direction, to be more influential and create the systemic change around issues that effect BAME communities I am so passionate about, I have more books to write and ultimately I want to see lives changed. I have began to build an awesome First Class Team who I know will ensure we reach the goals we have set for our company, I realise that I cannot change lives alone so creating a strong, passionate and committed team is one of the many things I have to do to create change.


With all that in mind on the 11th of October I will be holding my first Time Out session, I am going to take time out with you to help you build and manage the changes that you would like to see in your life.   I will share my goals and plans with you and how I will be doing it. Change is inevitable but if you don’t manage, it life sometimes comes along and throws you off track.   I will be using the tips in my book together with the tools that I have designed to support you to make some of those positive changes.

All Change please, All change– You don’t want to get left stranded at the wrong destination


  1. Emily says:

    Oh this sounds exciting and something I’d be interested in coming to. Where can I find more details on this 11th October Sabrina?xx

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