24th September 2018 My Story

CEO Life

So, it has been a week since I started in my new role as Chief Executive of First Class Legacy, and what a week it has been!

I have found myself venue shopping for future events, meeting the board and team members but also thinking heavily about the way I want to transform the company to take it to the next level.

The word transformation has been running through my mind, I am planning to transform the company, including a re-brand and complete overhaul of our infrastructure to enable me to build upon the foundations but also to incorporate robust systems that will keep our company structurally sound.

More than a suit…

I am planning to transform my wardrobe, I need a few new business suits that will match my new title. However, what dawned on me, is that being transformed is more than putting on a new suit!  Sometimes we want to transform ourselves so that we have a better outward appearance, we as put on slimming and supportive under garments that gives the appearance that we have lost a few pounds, but in reality, the same lumps and bumps are still there when we take them off, because we are not fully transformed!

Where does transformation start?

Transformation starts in the mind, including how we think about ourselves and others, when we are content with ourselves we are able to focus on the task ahead.   I can remember when Nathan first asked me to work with him on First Class Legacy, I felt nervous and to be totally honest I wanted to run for the hills screaming, I had all sorts of reasons including “People don’t know me, they only know First Class to be you!” and “I don’t know enough about this” when in reality I should have just admitted that I was scared, and that I didn’t believe in myself enough to do it.

Well fast forward three years and here I am! Leading from behind and having a brand-new transformed state of mind.

Sometimes we have to tell ourselves we can, we need to speak things until they happen and not be surprised when the transformation takes place.

First Class is building a new culture of co-production and collaboration, which will change the lives of those we are trying to engage completely.

I am determined more than ever to change the landscape of what has been the norm for organisations who want to effectively engage with young and diverse audiences, I want to transform their thinking to be more pragmatic and innovative in their approach, but that first starts with me!

Catch me on BBC WM on Wednesday 10th October 2pm on the Sunny and Shay Show and Join me for downtime on Thursday 11th of October 2018

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