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18th October 2018 Uncategorized

Time is important

I never really used to consider how important time is! I would fill my days doing things that every mum and business owner does – going to meetings, listening to reading books and answering endless questions – not all in the same place but almost all the time.

It seems, however, that the more I am intentional about how I spend my time, the more time I seem to have, which I have to say is great.   But what on earth should I be spending my time on? More importantly how do I prioritise my time?

“Big Four Oh”

I had the honour and pleasure of celebrating my sister’s “Big Four Oh” over the last week. She did what apparently was my idea of over a years-worth of planning, to design and execute the perfectly manicured set of birthday activities, all of which I can ensure you were absolutely fantastic. From the champagne afternoon tea at the Ritz, to the intimate private dinner party in a lavish wine cellar (after all she does love a good glass of red wine), to the ‘Brazil meets Surrey carnival’ party of the weekend, followed by brunch by the river to end the festivities.

I can safely say that my time with my family and friends was well spent!   Even if I became the makeshift photographer, coordinator and Host, it was all well worth it and a time I will never forget.

During all of those activities I still had the business of my family to attend to and that of First Class Legacy, and even I began to question during that week, “can I really juggle all of those balls and enjoy myself totally without thinking of all the things I perhaps have not done?”  I didn’t need to worry! If there is one thing I have learnt over the past few weeks it is that, I have to trust the associates I have commissioned to deliver on our behalf. What is the point in wondering or worrying, when the people and resources are in place to complete the tasks? Exactly! There is no point.

In First Class Legacy we started off so small, literally just two of us so it has been difficult to learn to trust others with what we have built. But this is something that has to be done, we have to let go, if we want to grow!

True to form, our associates have delivered to such a standard that we can be nothing but proud! My next step is to spend time developing them even more through our product development days and really investing in them internally. I believe what you sow will grow and in time we all see the benefits.

Investing time

With all my time spent recently on so many things, both Nathan and I agreed that we need to invest even more time in ourselves as a couple, our 8 o’ clocks are just not enough anymore (I laugh because we used to think it was long enough) but times have changed and this is just an indication of the times to come. We will be spending weekends away with each other, no laptop, phone or children. Just quiet time for us to talk and recover from what I have to admit has been a very exciting and fast paced start to the academic year.

I also have a passion to spend some time with you, the readers to my blogs, book and followers of my social media.   For those of you who know me personally, I apologise for being horrendously busy the last few months, I have had requests to meet up and do lunch or dinner, which with all the will in the world I have wanted to do, but my diary has not allowed, so here is my plan.

Join me for Downtime

Join me for downtime, I have booked a table at Hilton Garden Inn of 15th November 2018 12.30 until 2 pm for a delicious buffet lunch and time to spend with me, feel free to ask me whatever questions you have on the day and you will also have the  opportunity to purchase my book if you haven’t already. Click the link below to grab your ticket.

Spaces are very limited so don’t wait…–birmingham/downtime/?start_date=2018-11-15&end_date=2018-11-15&page=1

I will also be on BBC WM on Wednesday 31st October from 2 pm talking to Sunny and Shay about my book “A Piece of the Pie” and life in general, so catch me then.

My plans over the next few months are definitely becoming more clear, for family, business and even myself, and I would love to share them with you when we catch up.

For now though, remember there is a time for everything, as my mum says “nothing happens before it’s time”

I look forward to seeing you on the 15th November.

Love Always

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