Success? What is it anyway?

6th November 2018 My Story

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of appearing on BBC WM with Nikki Tapper, the subject matter was single parents, and who is to blame.  For me, it was a little controversial because I am not a single parent nor have I ever been, and so, I caught myself questioning my reason for being on the show! I knew I had to bring a truth and reality, so I found myself sharing tips and thoughts from my book “A Piece of The Pie”.  I talked about everyone being able to talk with their children and hold their own family services and family conferences whether they are single parents or not.

From that interview and throughout the week, the word success has been playing through my mind! People coin the term all the time and say to me “you are so successful” but I have to say I am not entirely sure what they mean.  Could they be referring to my book, business, children, parenting style? Or my social media activity and image?

What does success look like? And what do I find success to be?

I am asking myself daily, because I want to make sure that the “things” people see are not the only things they attribute to success.  For me, success is much more than having money in the bank, nice clothes, shoes or flawless make up.  Success for me is being able to say I have made a difference with the gifts and resources God has given me.  Success is about being able to help someone or offer opportunities to those who may not otherwise have had a chance. It is more than looking good on the outward but having a heart that wants to see success for others.

I now have a team of associates working with me in First Class Legacy, some would see that as great success, being able to grow our company, which is definitely a fantastic thing. For me, however, I really want to make sure that the individuals who have chosen to ride the First Class Wave with us, are even more successful than us as a company, but that in their family lives, professional lives and self development, they too see great success. It is so important to me to leave a lasting legacy, beyond any car, home or amount of money, but that the lives we come into contact with, are too, growing and developing at a noticeable rate.

When they win, that’s when I know my job is done.

Please come and join me for downtime on 15TH November 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn Brindley Place. Also don’t forget you can catch me on 31st October on BBC WM with Sunny and Shay in the afternoon.

Love Always.

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