20th November 2018 A Piece of The Pie

So last week I had the pleasure of hosting my first ever Downtime event! I have to say, it has been a real challenge for me to even get this done. With all of the other events going on, time just seemed to keep on disappearing. Nevertheless Downtime took place on Thursday 15th of November at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn – Brindley Place in Birmingham.

We ate, we talked, we laughed…

I had a healthy light two course buffet lunch with ten of the most inspirational women I have met, we talked and laughed and even shared our real circumstances and situations, the kind of stuff that people don’t normally share because of fear from what others may think or even just because of the pride that we carry.


I learnt so much from my guests. They inspired me to keep pushing – their strength and resilience to keep moving forward – counting every obstacle as an opportunity to learn, was awe inspiring.

Even more amazing though, was the fact that I still cannot overcome just how many of the women there said “I needed this”, “ I needed downtime, time for myself” to be completely honest, I get emotional just thinking about it, the very fact that we never seem to carve out time for ourselves, and continue to keep pushing on to do more and more for others and less and less for ourselves. It may sound selfish, but how can we be of any use to anyone else when we cannot serve ourselves the pleasure of a couple of hours out?

I get to understand that even though we all put up a shiny veneer, we definitely have an underlying “niggle”, something that if we do not take heed of, will come up in full force against us.

We owe it to ourselves

We owe it to ourselves to take some time out of the rush of life. Even if it is for five minutes. I have been humbled, inspired and motivated to continue to serve women in the best way I can, not by selling them anything, or asking for anything, but by setting time aside to share, listen and be a supportive network to those who may just want a little bit of downtime!

Downtime is quite simply that, a special time for women who want to take time out of their busy schedule to dine, connect, and have fun with other like-minded women. No agenda, no sales, no pressure, an intimate event, where the numbers are small, the food is fabulous, and the environment is relaxing.

The next event will take place on the 2nd of February 2019, where I will be setting the table again, to simply share the space with like minded women, who could do with a little bit of Downtime.

Love Always

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