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20th July 2019 A Piece of The Pie

CEO Life vs CEO Wife

We work together, not just in our home, but in our ltd company.   I am the CEO and my husband is the Founder of our company First Class Legacy Ltd

We work together

Business, Events, all things First Class.

Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients.   Who have taken our approaches on board and worked with us to produce some fantastic results.   Which will impact the lives of many young people across the city of Birmingham.

It doesn’t start in the Office…

But it doesn’t start in the office, our work always starts with prayer. Every morning we join in prayer and go through the week, this gives us the opportunity to share our concerns, talk through upcoming events and items.

Take a look at A Piece of The Pie, to find out more on how I manage our home

In 2017 and 2018 we had the pleasure of working on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner West Midlands.

We were contracted to do a couple of things including a large scale youth event, and the report launch of the very important Gang violence report.

The report highlighted the key recommendations for the community, services and organisation in which to tackle the rise in youth and gang violence in Birmingham.  This is the area I am going to talk more about.

We went to work planning, preparing and co-producing a corporate event for the OPCC, but that would also cater to the recommendations in the report.    Which including highlighting the opportunities that are available to young people and making them accessible.

As I look back at that event a few things come to mind

Most Importantly, What have I learnt?

1) we can co-produce events with clients to reach their needs but also to go over and beyond in delivery.

The event on the 7th of December saw over 500 young people enter Aston Villa Football Club.   We engaged and interacted with over 30 local organisations, corporations and community groups.

2) We understand the power in collaboration.  We worked with various partners who had the same aim to engage new and diverse communities

3) we can work together as husband and wife in a professional capacity and produce fantastic results.   Something that I am proud of and that I believe is unique.

We worked for many hours, attended numerous meetings, jumped over hurdles and obstacles along the journey, but we learnt a lot.

My absolute favourite part of the event was seeing our team  mobilise into action.

We provided a team of 5 event staff to assist with the running of the day.  The event was branded in the event colours and were on hand to assist with any issues that presented themselves.

This was not a First Class Legacy Event

Besides all that, this event was not a First Class Legacy event, we made sure to brand the event in the client colours.

We paid attention to the type of clientele that would be attending.  Therefore we created appropriate visuals in the from of giant letters, flowers to match the client brand and appropriate literature to support the event.

The event was captured by our media team who produced the highlight reel, a tool that has been used time and time again for that client to evidence their work.

So much goes into planning an event on that scale, development and concept design, to delivery and evaluation, its all included.    We understand our gifts as individuals, we concentrate on what skills we can bring to the event and source help for where there are gaps.

I am a proud CEO

Together we can achieve more


I am proud to call First Class Legacy Ltd my company, because it really does what it says, which is leave a legacy for generations to come, though each of our outputs, Consultancy, Training, New Media, Events and Outreach.

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