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What is the plan?

14th August 2019 A Piece of The Pie, My Story

Here we go again I am not talking about deal or no deal Brexit! Another shooting, drive by style was committed in Birmingham and once again our lead consultant in youth and community engagement was on hand to speak with the family and console the many young people who were gathered, at the scene to pay their respects. We do this because lives depend on it, we know that adverse childhood experiences and trauma, continue to have a detrimental effectRead More

Success? What is it anyway?

6th November 2018 My Story

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of appearing on BBC WM with Nikki Tapper, the subject matter was single parents, and who is to blame.  For me, it was a little controversial because I am not a single parent nor have I ever been, and so, I caught myself questioning my reason for being on the show! I knew I had to bring a truth and reality, so I found myself sharing tips and thoughts from my book “A Piece ofRead More

Standing In The Rain

30th October 2018 My Story

  I was thinking a lot about my journey into business this week.   I had a flash back of being a little girl around the age of 9 or 10, highlighting the dates on the receipts my mum had kept for her business. Always in business… There were hundreds of them and I would sit there with my little pink highlighter, searching for the dates to highlight them and put them in date order.   I was chatting with my mumRead More


24th September 2018 My Story

CEO Life So, it has been a week since I started in my new role as Chief Executive of First Class Legacy, and what a week it has been! I have found myself venue shopping for future events, meeting the board and team members but also thinking heavily about the way I want to transform the company to take it to the next level. The word transformation has been running through my mind, I am planning to transform the company,Read More

All Change Please! All Change!

1st July 2016 My Story, Uncategorized

In the last three months, I have been though many changes, emotionally, physically, financially and even mentally,launching my book, being asked to speak in a variety of settings and even gaining a few summer pounds are all changes that I have had to adjust to. I am seeing a change in my home, with my youngest daughter starting school, the seasons have changed, the glorious weather we experienced in summer has long gone and X Factor has started so thatRead More

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