First Class Legacy

What is Behaviour Change?

Using our values based approach, First Class Legacy stimulate your thinking to challenge the habitual patterns of behaviour in your organisation. Working with you we develop ideas to achieve your outcomes. Unlike other organisations we don’t tell you what to do but rather introduce models, structures and practices that enable you to decide how to do it, using communication, environment and practical tools to influence positive behaviour change leading positive impact and real results.

The Values Based Approach

Faith, Love, Time, Trust, Integrity, Passion

We strongly believe that if any organisation would like to have real impact with those they are trying to reach, then firstly before selling or even creating products and services, we should consider training ourselves on “how to effectively engage.” At First Class Legacy we know that engaging effectively, begins with integrity and passion, so our team know how to value differences and respect cultures, we choose to love those we do not understand and show our clients, our participants, those we work with, that we have time for them and take the time to find out what is important to them.

This will take faith and trust, the faith in our values and belief that we can do it! Trust to let go and walk along a path that we have never been down, knowing that it will lead to a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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