First Class Nation

First Class Nation Vision

To be Europe’s BIGGEST positive NETWORK of disadvantaged young people aged between 13-25 years old, across, nationality and culture to empower, inspire, encourage and motivate a generation to be First Class in every area of their life.

The core heart beat is First Class Fridays, the weekly meet up at The Light House Young People’s Centre, Birmingham, where Values Training, Specialist quarterly events, street outreach and engagement take place, based on the seven pillars of the foundation. Please see the 7 pillars below:

Health – Mental health and physical health are a priority. There needs to be more health options and activities for FCN and wider youth to gain access to

Politics – Network of young people, youth MP’s and youth parliament – debating and capturing young people engaging in social issues on a political scale. This includes, trips to parliament as well as exploring what politics is

Business – Headed up by Nathan Dennis. Educational events and seminars take place to share knowledge and offer an incubator for young business professionals. Nissi Funds also operates here

Justice – We believe there needs to be more representation in the justice system. First Class work closely with the CCRC

Media – Headed up by Big Light of Mine. We work on media platforms to control our narrative and tell our own stories

Family/ Community – Headed up by Sabrina Dennis. Family First leads to better communities. We use family service and A Piece of the Pie is instrumental to this

Education – We promote education as a key tool and passport. We encourage self learning as we believe academia is crucial

Faith – Under pins everything that we do.

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