Kitchen Table Talks

At Kitchen Table Talks we encourage communication of all kinds! Random topics, political, social even comical. We believe that having a safe and open platform for you to share will support growth and confidence. So, come on let’s talk.

There is a saying that goes a little something like this. The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where 98% of the time spent in our homes, this rings true. The warmth from the stove, the aromas of different spices, freshly brewed coffee or even burnt toast… all these subtle smells always draw the crowds, and this is when family discussions take place.

The kitchen is a neutral setting where everyone feels comfortable. Well KTT can replicate that same environment where ladies feel safe and at home. When individuals feel relaxed and are in trustworthy surroundings, the likelihood of them opening up increases. So, couple the environment with a hot drink and more importantly CAKE you now not only have a safe setting but a much more inviting and fun one too!

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