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"Hi there, Sabrina Dennis here - a wife, mother and business woman. I want to share something really special with you ..."

"I want to share my honest and real perspective on life, inspired by my own personal journey."

"I want to support you in becoming the Chief Executive and Operating Director of your own home!"

"I understand that whilst it's not a commercial business, your home is YOUR business!"

"I have composed my thoughts and reflections in A Piece of The Pie that will hopefully cause you to laugh, reflect and be inspired."

"I want you to feel liberated and empowered to create lasting change for yourself and for your family."

"Let's start today! Let's implement effective time management, real honest communication, raising our children to live by a set of values, managing finances, learning to say no -"

"...and most importantly, looking after number one (YOU!)"

"A Piece of The Pie is ideal for professional woman, single parents and new mums. It's also perfect for you if you're looking for new ways to support your family or aspiring to have a family..."

"I would highly recommend that anyone who reads this should include their partners. The practical things that are done in our home are completed in partnership - including your partner is vital."

"I look forward to hearing from you about the amazing journey you are about to embark upon."

"Head over to my journal where more content will be made available to help you on your journey and also get in touch with me via social media..."

"...Love Always, Sabrina xx"

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