What is the plan?

14th August 2019 A Piece of The Pie, My Story

Here we go again I am not talking about deal or no deal Brexit! Another shooting, drive by style was committed in Birmingham and once again our lead consultant in youth and community engagement was on hand to speak with the family and console the many young people who were gathered, at the scene to pay their respects. We do this because lives depend on it, we know that adverse childhood experiences and trauma, continue to have a detrimental effectRead More

CEO Wife vs CEO Life

20th July 2019 A Piece of The Pie

CEO Life vs CEO Wife We work together, not just in our home, but in our ltd company.   I am the CEO and my husband is the Founder of our company First Class Legacy Ltd Business, Events, all things First Class. Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients.   Who have taken our approaches on board and worked with us to produce some fantastic results.   Which will impact the lives of manyRead More

Between The Sheets

18th June 2019 A Piece of The Pie

For couples in Business with a family Inspired from a Chapter “Between the Sheets” of our new up & coming book We cordially invite you to an exclusive dinner evening with us- Nathan & Sabrina Dennis At Birmingham’s stunning skyline destination, Haig Club, at the top of the Cube Mailbox next to Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill Join us in this private stylish and contemporary space to relax, learn and enjoy the company of like minded people. TheRead More


20th November 2018 A Piece of The Pie

So last week I had the pleasure of hosting my first ever Downtime event! I have to say, it has been a real challenge for me to even get this done. With all of the other events going on, time just seemed to keep on disappearing. Nevertheless Downtime took place on Thursday 15th of November at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn – Brindley Place in Birmingham. We ate, we talked, we laughed… I had a healthy light two course buffetRead More

Success? What is it anyway?

6th November 2018 My Story

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of appearing on BBC WM with Nikki Tapper, the subject matter was single parents, and who is to blame.  For me, it was a little controversial because I am not a single parent nor have I ever been, and so, I caught myself questioning my reason for being on the show! I knew I had to bring a truth and reality, so I found myself sharing tips and thoughts from my book “A Piece ofRead More

Standing In The Rain

30th October 2018 My Story

  I was thinking a lot about my journey into business this week.   I had a flash back of being a little girl around the age of 9 or 10, highlighting the dates on the receipts my mum had kept for her business. Always in business… There were hundreds of them and I would sit there with my little pink highlighter, searching for the dates to highlight them and put them in date order.   I was chatting with my mumRead More

Sign of the Times

18th October 2018 Uncategorized

Time is important I never really used to consider how important time is! I would fill my days doing things that every mum and business owner does – going to meetings, listening to reading books and answering endless questions – not all in the same place but almost all the time. It seems, however, that the more I am intentional about how I spend my time, the more time I seem to have, which I have to say is great.  Read More

For this, I was called…

4th October 2018 A Piece of The Pie

I was on a roll… It was a hard week, the second full week in my new position as CEO, I was determined to start the structural revamp of the company by introducing new software for project management, client management and even financial management. By Monday afternoon I was on a roll, I had downloaded new software and had even watched a few tutorials on how to use the stuff effectively ( I am that person who reads the instructions).Read More


24th September 2018 My Story

CEO Life So, it has been a week since I started in my new role as Chief Executive of First Class Legacy, and what a week it has been! I have found myself venue shopping for future events, meeting the board and team members but also thinking heavily about the way I want to transform the company to take it to the next level. The word transformation has been running through my mind, I am planning to transform the company,Read More

Process – A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

6th June 2018 A Piece of The Pie

A Picture speaks a thousand words There is a process behind every picture… In the past few weeks we have attended four weddings, a christening and various other social events where being dressed to a high standard and looking the part is almost as important as the vows themselves! This had me thinking, the perception that “I have it all together” or “she looks great, I wonder how she does it?” I felt forced to explain the process behind theRead More

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