Can you pay the price?

4th November 2019 A Piece of The Pie

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Can you pay the price?

I have to admit over the last few weeks, I have become very frustrated. That may sound unusual for me and it is I suppose, because I can normally keep going, I have developed quite broad shoulders over the years but there is something about the condition of our families and young people that is really bugging me.

Not too long ago we had an event where a member of the police attended to listen to the concerns that parents had about their own treatment by the police and also how their children had been treated.   They complained that the police should not come to their house in the large numbers that they do come in when its only one person they are coming to arrest.

They complain that they are too heavy handed with their children, because they are just children etc etc.

Even though the officer went on to explain why they do what they do in terms of managing risk and safety, it wasnt well received.

My concerns are not with the police, but more with us as parents, it might sound blunt but are we prepared to pay the price?  I ask that because there is always a cost in the ling run when it comes to raising our children.

My thoughts…

were probably ignorant, but if the person in question had done nothing wrong and wasn’t affiliated to people who are a bad influence then perhaps the police wouldn’t knock the door? just a thought.

my other thoughts are the same and will always be the same, we have got to do better as parents to raise our children to have respect, to honour their mother and father and to abide by the laws of the land.   That to me doesnt start at the age of 15 or 16 it starts as soon as they are born, and we don’t take our foot off the gas ever.

As parents we pay the price with our time, which for some is too expensive.   We would rather be doing something more adult  because our health and well-being matters too! it does.

My point is that we as parents will always be parents, our children  will always be ours and we need to invest our time, not necessarily our money, but mostly our time ensuring that we raise them successfully.

I want to explore parenting some more in the 21st century with generation z and beyond, I would love to share the findings of some of my research and also the concerns that have been raised with some parents we work with on a monthly basis.

If we share what we know and support one another then surely things will change, but if we continue is the same vein then I can only imagine how bad things will become.

Can you pay the price? or should I say what price would you rather pay?

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Let’s Address it!

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