Sign of the Times

18th October 2018 Uncategorized

Time is important I never really used to consider how important time is! I would fill my days doing things that every mum and business owner does – going to meetings, listening to reading books and answering endless questions – not all in the same place but almost all the time. It seems, however, that the more I am intentional about how I spend my time, the more time I seem to have, which I have to say is great.  Read More

All Change Please! All Change!

1st July 2016 My Story, Uncategorized

In the last three months, I have been though many changes, emotionally, physically, financially and even mentally,launching my book, being asked to speak in a variety of settings and even gaining a few summer pounds are all changes that I have had to adjust to. I am seeing a change in my home, with my youngest daughter starting school, the seasons have changed, the glorious weather we experienced in summer has long gone and X Factor has started so thatRead More

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